The administration of Bangladesh is divided into eight major regions called Divisions (বিভাগ). Each Division is named after the major city within its jurisdiction that also serves as the administrative headquarters of that division. Each division is further split into several districts (জেলা) which are then further sub-divided into Upazilas.

The divisions of Bangladesh are divided into 64 Districts, or Zila (জেলা). The districts are further subdivided into 504 sub-districts or towns, or Upazila (উপজেলা).

Following the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the country had four divisions: Chittagong Division, Dhaka Division, Khulna Division and Rajshahi Division.

In 1983, the English spelling of the Dacca Division (along with the name of the capital city) was changed into Dhaka to more closely match the Bengali pronunciation. In 1993, Barisal Division was split off from Khulna Division; in 1995, Sylhet Division was split off from Chittagong Division; and in 2010 (25 January), Rangpur Division was split off from Rajshahi Division, this latest creation consisting of the Rangpur and Dinajpur areas. In terms of area the newly formed Rangpur Division ranked fifth followed by Barisal and Sylhet division. On 14 September 2015 Mymensigh was added as eighth division.